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The Artists' Gallery - artists' page

The Artists' Gallery is a facility at the WMSC whereby an artist (ie: a graphic artist such as a painter) may show their work on the main wall of the club. This page is information for artists who may wish to show in this way: it tells you how to be selected, and what the general arrangements are.

general arrangements

Generally, an artist is given a month to show their work. A 'month' runs from the first Sunday in a month to the Saturday before the first Sunday in the following month.

The artist is responsible for mounting their pictures on the club wall using the picture rail, rail clips and strings provided. No other fixings are permitted. The artist is responsible for de-mounting their pictures. In general, someone from the club will be on-hand to assist as this activity requires the use of steps.

The artist is responsible for insuring the pictures and for any loss of or damage to the pictures whilst they are in the club. WMSC accepts no liability for such loss or damage.

Whilst the pictures are on show in the club, the artist may offer the pictures for sale. If a picture be sold as a result (wholly or partly) of its being shown in the club, the artist shall make a donation to the club of 10% of the sale price. The artist shall ensure that this payment is made.

If an artist wants to show the pictures to potential purchasers (either ad hoc or at a pre-arranged show) the artist shall have access to the club when it is otherwise free by booking the club in the normal way.

When the pictures are on show in the club, they will also be on show via this web site; they will be accessible via this web site thereafter too.

We suggest that the artist provides a list of the pictures with such as title, size, price, and media. This list can conveniently be hung below the left-most picture next to the bar. If the list can be mounted on card or board. It could also provide a brief description of the artist.

If an artist is to show in the club, they shall be a member. You can join online here.

If an artist wishes to be selected to show in the club, they shall apply as described below.

how to apply

This is what you need to do if you wish to show your work in the club:

1. Take photos of the pictures you wish to show (maximum of 12) in jpeg format.

2. Measure your pictures (net size - ie: excluding any frame and mount).

3. Join the WMSC (here) and ask for a user name (via here). (Suggest a user name if you wish.)

4. When you have a user name and password:

  1. Log in using your user name and new password.
    Do this via members > site management > logout.
  2. Change your password, log in again, and return to this page.
    You will be able to see the instructions and widgets to enable you to upload your jpeg files.

5. Upload your jpeg files.

6. Let us know (again via the contact page) that your images are uploaded and tell us the pictures sizes (see 2 above).

What display space is available?

The main, windowless wall of the club room is available for the display of pictures. This is facing the wall with four large windows. The space is interrupted by wall-lights and an alcove, so it's not perfect space. At the bottom part of the wall is the bench-seating of the club room so the lower four feet is, essentially, unusable. The picture rail is at a height of 260cm.

gallery area

These two pictures show the wall space in action.

club wall left club wall right

to upload files

If you have an artist's user name, below this paragraph you will see further instructions and widgets (to enable you to upload photographs) ; otherwise you won't and you'll need to get an artist's user name (see above).

listing of the artistuploads/2021/ folder

Click on a file name below to download or view the file in your browser.
If you want to save the file, use File > Save As in your browser's menu.

To select a different artist, specify their userid.

new user id

The folder artistuploads/2021 does not exist.

The viewability of the artistuploads folder is false, and so cannot be viewed.

a note on viewability

'Viewability' expresses the idea that you determine who can read and write the folder. For more details, see the detailed guide. To change the viewability see the site management > manage viewability on the menu.

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