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January 2017, Maggie McGladdery

The View From Here

Most of the pictures in this exhibition are based on pictures I have taken.

I have always been fascinated by landscape and the challenges involved in attempting to represent three dimensions.

My work is also gradually becoming more abstract as I develop my interest in the texture of paint, depth and negative spaces.

Maggie McGladdery

It is over 40 years since I did Art A level and then Art as my main subject at Teacher Training College.

In the intervening years, apart from the occasional holiday sketch, I have not done anything artistic just for me...that is until I retired and started to draw and paint with the guidance and encouragement of the Bromyard Art Studio.

I have now learned to see again, keeping my eyes open and taking inspiration from anything and everything. There is so much to discover and explore. This includes the use of many different media, in an attempt to represent the textures, colours, tones and consequent depths of composition that please me.

I am always delighted if these attempts please others too, but principally it is my journey, which I am enjoying to the full.

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Studio View
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10 January 2017 12:02:11


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